Monday, June 25, 2012


Just a shameless promotion post!

I will be returning to teach in TORONTO in AUGUST

I will be available for private sessions and 2 workshops if there is interest AUGUST 20 - 22

Workshops offered are:

prepare two 32 cuts contrasting to perform
we work on presentation, style, technical behavior as it relates to style,  physical dramatic intention, attire, type

prepare ONE full aria to perform
we work on taking the room,  choosing that first aria, acting for the audition in a formal environment, attire,

Private sessions will address YOUR needs - technically and in repertoire.  Classical and theatre singers welcome!

Email me for more information and fees:

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Sunday, June 24, 2012


happy Sunday - and happy PRIDE!

Ambition.  What is is?  Why?  Who has a say about it?  Who defines it?  What do you do with it?

A dictionary definition is this:
  1. A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  2. Desire and determination to achieve success.
Who has the right to determine YOUR ambition?  How is it measured?

I have seen many singers who have incredible talent,  natural ability,  but simply very little ambition.  I have also seen many singers with HUGE ambition and very ordinary talent.

Having a strong desire to achieve,  and a determination to follow through and claim success is not a "set in stone"  "one size fits all"  endeavor.

Each of us is responsible for ourselves.  No one has the right nor the responsibility to value judge a performer's ambition.  An artist's journey is their own.  We meet others along the way that help to facilitate the next,  give direction,  give pause, but ultimately the journey is OUR OWN.

If we remember this,  we begin to claim our own ability, our own desire and ambition as to how we hone that ability,  claim the craft, claim the responsibility to SELF and to no one else.  We  begin to see the red flags immediately and the ports of calm that offer us encouragement and fulfillment.

Who am I to determine YOUR ambition?  Ambition is personal and it manifests itself in so many different ways.  The result of ambition doesn't have to be a tangible achievement that someone else approves of!!  Often, an artist discovering the truth of self begins with huge dreams. Then the artist begins to discover the reality of WHO they are,  and that fabric stretches to reveal more tangible and specific knowledge, and therefore more fitting to craft, self, evolution of the complete artist.  The fabric can then determine a more realistic and clearer focus on where that artist is best served, and where they will be most comfortable.  New dreams, new pursuits and new discoveries emerge!  More achievable possibilities and perhaps your best destiny begins to reveal itself. 

YOUR ambition allows you to SEE these changes and evolutions in your being,  and it allows you to journey toward claiming it.

The red flags are simply people feeling they have the right to accuse you of not having enough ambition,  of being overly ambitious, and the like.

No one lives your life but you.  No one has your talent, your ability, your discovery but YOU.  What you do with that is completely up to you.  How you develop it is completely up to you.  If you choose to develop it is up to you!  Nobody can tell you what your ambition will achieve.  Only your will and determination to discover does that. 

Ambition leads.  It does not follow.  Where it leads can change.  How it leads can change.  It morphs in its tangibles but the essence of it remains steadfast. 

The intensity of ambition is different in each of us;  it reveals in different ways;  it is not black or white.  Determining a strong sense of self is key to acknowledging how ambition affects us professionally, personally and spiritually.  Ambition doesn't just show up in one aspect of our lives!  It is there in some way shape or form everywhere.  It doesn't need to be the same as someone else. It doesn't have to answer to someone else. 

Developing as an artist, and being in the business has many many MANY implications and paths.  No one has the right to tell you otherwise.  There is no "right" way.  There is no "right" formula.  There is no "right" amount of ambition to achieve success.

What is success anyway?  Again,  ambition determines success.  YOU determine YOUR successes.  They do not have to do with someone's decision for you. 

Your ambition.
Your work.
Your choices.
Your successes.

Leave those that throw up the red flags to their own issues.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Year in the Life...

Greetings all! 

Today marks a one year anniversary for my husband and me.  June 20, 2011 we were a near fatal horrific car accident.  We celebrate today a year of recovery.  We still have a long way to go, but we are on our way.

I wanted to blog today - and wondered how this year of my life could benefit you in some way.  What have I learned that I could offer you?

My life is forever changed.  Trauma does that.  I am establishing a new normal,  on every level of consciousness.  What have I learned that could translate to pursuit of singing/acting?  of life on the stage?

We are not islands.  We do have people who truly want to help and CAN help in our lives and our development.  Recognizing who you need,  and who you do NOT is a great start to acknowledging WHAT you need and when you need it.

Wherever you are,  BE THERE.  If you wish away the moment,  you simply cannot experience it - good, bad or indifferent.  Learning to be PRESENT in your life, in your discoveries, in your studies, in your development  allows you to take each moment as it presents itself.  It allows you to breathe.  It takes away the easy default to project and create obstacles that simply don't need to be there.

Do not talk yourself out of something before you examine it fully.

Do not accept things without asking "why?"

Trust is earned.  Vulnerability is not lack of strength or courage.

Courage is feeling the fear, the insecurity, the vulnerability and doing it anyway.

Truth reveals itself in the most interesting places.  Stay focused, but dare to keep your peripheral vision intact.

Work for more!  Demand more from yourself.  Push your limits to find your boundaries.  Accept those boundaries. 

When you are tired - sit down!  Take a step back and rest.  Take in the view.

Learn to laugh at yourself. 

Allow the tears to cleanse you.

Find YOUR honesty.  See and accept what you can and cannot do RIGHT NOW.  Release what you cannot do - yet.  Hone the skill and craft of what is possible NOW. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with the things that are out of your control.  Know what you CAN control and release the rest.

Ask for help.

Thank those that offer honest help.

Do not think TWICE about walking away from those that want to abuse you/use you/use your situation for their gain/are vampiric/make you uncomfortable in any way.  You do not owe them ANY explanations.  YOU create the boundaries that you will live with.

SING just to SING!

Enjoy the little things.  Enjoy your now.  Imagine what a year will bring!

Here's to the next!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Susan Eichhorn Voice Studio has a new location!

I am thrilled to now be into my second month in my NEW LOCATION!

The Voice Studio is now "housed" at:

49 W24 floor 4


The administration at Singers Forum is fantastic and have welcomed me, and welcomed my singers with open arms!

Check them out for practice facilities, or theatre space, as well as classes of all kinds!

Great to be in a fantastic space with great colleagues and great acoustics and great pianos!

New blog entries coming SOON!