Sunday, April 13, 2014

More on Authenticity

Sunday musings...

What is this thing called authenticity?

Why is it so elusive?

How do we get so confused?

You cannot claim what you do not yet own.  Being authentic, means getting real.  It means choices,  it means decisions,  and it means clarity.

You cannot be authentic in your audition if you don't know what that means to YOU.

Yes, to YOU.

You don't know what anybody else knows.  You only have to the opportunity to get to know YOU.

Authenticity it about choices.  It is about how you reveal what you reveal.  It is not becoming a type,  or a fach,  or a micro-fach.  

It is not about you "fitting" into anything.  It is about revealing what makes you unique.  You choose how to reveal,  what you reveal.

I defy the notion of "if you are going to work in this business,  you must make yourself into xyz."

Is that authentic?  Is that real?  Or is that just desperation?

Where has "trying to fit in"  helped anybody,  in any field?

Authenticity isn't just "I am what I am."  (Unless you claim that song!)

Authenticity is about finding what you are,  who you are,  why you are,  and how to evolve within that.   How to make it real,  inside and out.  How to live and breath it in process,  in audition,  in life.  It is an ongoing reveal.

How you choose to reveal it,  how much of it,  what specifically you allow others to see - is up to you.  These are the choices we make every day,  but certainly in the audition room.  If you are wondering what "they" think,  what "they" want,  what "they" are looking for: let it be the truth of YOU.  Just thinking those thoughts take you out of YOU.   It reveals nothing about YOU.  You are no longer in the equation,  but your desperation reads loud and clear.

Your process of discovery and development and realization has to happen from the inside out.  This in itself has more authenticity just because of how you approach it.

It allows you to stay grounded and rooted to the truth,  the possibility and the potential of  a situation.

You are not a puppy wagging your tail hoping for a treat and doing whatever you think they want so you can get it.  At least I hope not.

You are a developing/emerging/polished artist who has something to SAY.  So, say it.  With conviction.  With honesty.  With your authenticity.

Here is your question for the week "What do I want to reveal about ME in that room today?"

That, my dearest snowflakes,  is truly in your hands.  Trust it,  nurture it,  and don't make excuses for it.  Make it count!