Friday, July 18, 2014

What do I do about that GAP in my resume?

I have been somewhat MIA - but busy!  I am not neglecting my blog my sweet snowflakes, I promise!

This comment - the gap in the resume - came up several times this week.  Whenever something seems to become a theme or sub-theme I always believe the Universe is asking me to pay attention and perhaps address it.

What do I do about this gap in my resume?

I can't be auditioning with this gap in my resume.

Others don't have a gap in their resume, and "they" will know I haven't been doing anything.

These are some of the things I have heard recently.

You know me well enough to know that I usually answer with a question (I am becoming my Dad).

So my question is:  what gap??? you weren't living during this time????

You have DATES ON YOUR RESUME?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!?

First - take off the dates.  Who cares when?  Did you do it, or didn't you?

Second and more importantly:  what is a "gap"?

I would respectfully suggest to you that you simply replace the word "gap" with the word "life" or "experience" or "exploration" or SOMETHING!!!

What is this "gap"???

If you are asking these questions,  I gently suggest to you that perhaps you are trying to create the excuses of why no one wants to hear you.

Why are you feeling that way?

There is no such thing as a "gap".

Life happens.  That isn't a gap - that is actually a FILL.

Life fills and fulfills.  Life changes you.  Experience makes a difference. 

Becoming an artist demands some life.  You BETTER take a gap!

If you are letting these "gaps" in your resume stop you,  you are making excuses.  If you say you wanna sing,  then sing!  Let "life" inform that singing and that artistry!

A resume isn't about the gaps.  A resume is a paper that informs those sitting at the table what you have done,  ( not WHEN),  where you've been,  where you're headed, how you've prepared and WHY YOU ARE THERE NOW.

Why you are here NOW is the most important revelation.

If you cannot deliver that WHY NOW then nothing on that paper matters.  What you have done shapes you.  Not just on that paper,  but what is NOT on that paper.  Some of you would call it a "gap".  I would call it life.

Life shapes you.  Life challenges you.  Life changes you.

And THAT is what you bring with you in that moment of audition.

If all you do is work work work,  are you living?  Sometimes.  Sometimes not.  Are you learning anything or wasting your time?  Are you working or just taking a paycheck/pay cheque?

Gaps mean life.

Gaps mean study.

Gaps mean tragedy.

Gaps mean change.

Gaps mean breathing room.

Gaps mean laughter.

Gaps mean decision.

Gaps mean choice.

Gaps mean life.

Yes I book-ended that on purpose.

If you have taken a time to LIVE,  and that is vivid and real, then it should reveal itself in your artistry.  If it is vital and alive in your artistry, then it will be present in how you audition, and what you can bring to a role and a production.

So, what do you do?

You audition.  You show them what you choose to reveal about YOU.  Which, after a "gap" should be even more than there was before it!

 Using a "gap" as an excuse, is saying your life experience - good, bad & indifferent - is insignificant.  Really? REALLY???  Get rid of your "gap" and FILL IT IN!