Friday, January 9, 2015


New content for the studio AND the blog this year of 2015!

I got to sit down with CEO/Founder of CREATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA,  Tony Howell just before the new year to discuss social media for the artist and what we need to consider going forward with our online presence.

I learned TONS from him, and will keep consulting with him as this social media is constantly morphing and changing.  Tony is really an expert in this field, and as an artist himself,  uses both left and right brains with panache and brilliance!  Definitely check him out,  as the site is ever changing, and he does regular webinars and consultations,  as well as all things social media and more!

Check out CSM's sit by clicking above or simply click here.

We are going to keep video-blogging throughout the year with interviews and talks with industry and artists to keep us all updated on what is going on and how we keep ourselves fresh and involved!

So here is the video of Tony & me and our great talk in the Times Square Voice Studio! ENJOY!

Carbs & Sleep & Stillness

Yes, indeed, it's THAT time of year.

We are mammals after all - and hibernation sounds about right:  a snuggly blanket, a good book, Netflix,  carbs and comfort food,  warmth,  naps, dozing off...

Of course, that's a luxury this time of year, as auditions amp up,  applications are needing to be addressed and filled out,  learning your music, your lines, your role for that show you booked are necessary,  getting papers written for your classes are going to be due...

Or is it a luxury?

This is the time of year where I don't make resolutions, but I actually give myself "still time" to contemplate what's on my plate and what I want to change.

Listen, I like a full plate.  I like having things to do.  I also like crossing things that are done, off the list.  That sense of accomplishment is rather delicious indeed. 

The other "list" I am maintaining is the "I don't need that anymore" list. 

That's the list where I can say I have earned my way out of needing something;  have decided to step away from something;  have decided to clarify my involvement in something;  have decided to simply something.

I am beginning to love this list,  because it really does allow me to slow down,  consider what I DON'T need,  and how I will nurture what I DO need.

So often, we are constantly chasing what we feel we need to DO.  What about sitting back,  taking a breath and saying "what do I need to release?"

It can be simply giving yourself permission to let go of something - even temporarily - to allow a clearer head space;  an opportunity to focus further elsewhere;  a chance just to not only catch your breath, but BREATHE.

You do NOT have to go to EVERY AUDITION.  Pick the ones you are right for,  and the shows that make sense for you. 

You do NOT have to apply for EVERY YAP.  God knows, the application fees themselves could cause heart failure.  Pick the companies that you respond to in their mission statements,  how they build their seasons,  what their reputation is.

You do NOT have to keep your priorities the same every day.  Every week.  Every month.

"Regular" voice lessons might mean weekly for a while,  or bi-weekly for a while,  or monthly for a while.

"Regular"  work on your craft may mean you need to adjust how much time is spent on what aspect of the craft determined by simply what you NEED in that week, and for that commitment.

Give yourself permission to RELEASE a little.  Stretch.  Sigh.  Eat some carbs. 

And some days, it means, just pulling the covers back up and hitting the snooze one more time. 

Life will be there when you get up.  It will greet you fully whenever you are able to look it in the eye and say "okay, let's figure out what I need, and what I can release, TODAY."  And even consider doing that in reverse order: "What can I release today, in order to embrace what is needed?"

Time to enjoy the stillness.  And the fluidity we call an artist's life.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 2015: MOVE!

Happy 2015!

What will it bring?

Or more importantly,  what do YOU bring to it?

I am not into regrets.  Or woulda-coulda-shouldas.  It keeps me locked into a place that doesn't let me move forward.

So claim NOW and look forward.

Let's play a game.  Try to answer with ONE WORD ONLY - you can always extrapolate later!

What do you want?

What do you need?


What are you pursuing?

How are you pursuing it?

What does your artistic self crave?

What does your business self need?

What would simply give you contentment each day?

What makes you laugh?

What makes you frustrated?

What gets in your way?

What are the THREE words you are going to claim for 2015?


Resolutions and regrets are not worth your energy.

Resolutions set you up for failure, and regrets keep you locked in place.

Move forward.  Move with purpose.  Move with integrity.  Move with balance.  Move with clarity.  Move with focus. Move with authenticity.

Just get moving!!  Great things happen when you know HOW to move,  WHEN to move,  WHERE to move. 

Trust your gut.  Trust your instinct.  Develop your intuition. 

Create an environment to move into and bring it with you!