Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Inspires You?

Sunday musings...

Have you found a rhythm in your day?

Or have you fallen into a rhythmic rut?

Are you inspired?




Our business can be so disillusioning and often, dismissive and fatiguing.

We know it is a business.

It is simply because it is BUSINESS that we must continue to find inspiration to discover why we do it, and maintain the artistic integrity within ourselves.

It is easy to get discouraged.

It is easy to begin to lose our way.

It is easy to start to flounder or wonder why we do what we do.

It is easy to get tired, to get side-swiped, to even sleep walk through things.

If we are true to our artistry, we need to recognize this, claim it and move beyond and above it.

How?  Find the inspiration.

What inspires us to believe; to think; to become excited about our art; to become infused with energy again?

Sometimes we know and sometimes we discover something new - which is inspirational in its own way!!

Sometimes it IS the theatre, and sometimes it is something removed from the theatre.

It doesn't matter WHAT inspires us, just that it DOES.  Inspiration just needs to MOVE US STRONGLY.  It can even anger us to make a change;  It has to MOTIVATE.   It can only motivate if we allow ourselves to be motivated.

Do you want to be inspired?

My husband and I were in the theatre last week again, at FELA! on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre.

Just BEING in the theatre inspires me - the smells, the presences - takes me to my childhood and makes me feel HOME.  In the house, walking across the stage with only a 500 watt work light - all inspirational.

I am inspired by my singers - daily - but even more at FELA! seeing them make history, create history, and give a history lesson, by creating something MORE than entertainment.  They radiated a epic theatrical device that transcended story, feeling, and device.  The show was transformative.  Is that a word? It is now.

This is power.

This is inspiration.

We are inspired when the truth is revealed.  We can't look away.  We can't stop feeling it.  We can't stop thinking about it.

We are transfixed, transported, moved, and moved to ACT and begin to create again.

Inspiration happens like lightening in a bottle - it affects and lingers but cannot be contained.  It is personal.  It is often hard to describe.  It is ALWAYS REAL to the one being inspired.

There is no apology for what inspires you or how you are inspired.

It can happen when you are least expecting it.

Being open to ALLOW for a happening is key.  

Sometimes we have "fall-back inspiration" where we go to be ignited again - a painting, a song, a film, a book, a poem.  Sometimes it's a smell, or a taste.  Sometimes it's a conversation or a sound.

And sometimes, it's a significant insignificance.  Those are truly special.  The least expected inspiration that is meant for only you.

Find inspiration.  Allow inspiration.  Seek inspiration.

This allows for the balance of WHY we do what we do, and why we have to do what we have to do.

We do what we have to because it's business.

We do what we MUST because it is inspired.  It is how we LIVE.  This is artistic integrity.  Perhaps it is your artistic stance that inspires another.

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