Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are you READY to walk into that audition room?

Sunday musings...

The fall is upon us - and so are ongoing auditions in the world of theatre!

With music theatre - are you really ready???

Just like your back to school check list - perhaps it's time to take stock of what you have/what you need/what you should be prepared for and be prepared to DO.

Here's a few to consider:

1.  are you studying?  have you studied?  Especially those of you who are doing cross-disciplines: dancing to singing, acting to singing.  Don't assume cause you are a dancer primarily that you can just walk into a singer call!!!  Disciplines needs TIME and FOCUS and CRAFT.  One lesson, or one lesson once in awhile isn't gonna cut it.  You have to develop craft through CONSISTENCY.

2.  Do you know your type?  what you are trying to show you can do SPECIFICALLY in a room?

3.  Do you have music???? I mean seriously, do I have to say this? YES!!! You need a 3 ring binder with your music in it!!!  You need to MARK YOUR CUTS CLEARLY for the pianist.  It HAS TO BE IN THE KEY YOU WANT TO SING IT IN!

4. ONE SONG DOESN"T CUT IT!!! Your audition book needs to be rather extensive - all genres, styles and time periods so that you can audition with a piece that specifically evokes your type - both theatrical and vocal - as well as evokes the style of the show you are auditioning for.  THIS TAKES TIME.  You cannot do this THE NIGHT BEFORE.   Take the time to BUILD YOUR BOOK and LEARN YOUR BOOK.  It has to be sung in, and developed in order for you to look professional when you present it.

5.  Trying to prepare all of the above takes time, and it takes dedication.  You cannot expect you can do this alone.  You need a teacher, a coach (or several!), a few classes to develop audition technique, and then check-ins/brush ups and the like to keep you FRESH!

If you have the nerve/balls/stupidity to call a teacher or coach the night before an audition and have NOTHING prepared for that audition and expect miracles to happen - give your head a shake and guess again!  You are wasting your time, their time, and the audition panel's time the next day.

Those of us on THAT side of the table KNOW when you aren't prepared.  It comes into the room FIRST!

So, why not BE prepared?  Why not INVEST in your studies and in your professionalism?

If this is what you want to do with your life, and who you want to be - then why wouldn't you take your work seriously?????

Don't wait until panic sets in to get instruction, help and guidance!!  Seek it out NOW and CONTINUOUSLY in order to feel prepared, under yourself and ready to do a strong audition, and show by your actions how professional you are!!

Being professional means PREPARING like one and being prepared like one.  If this is new to you, then ASK and LEARN and DO IT.  If it's not new -then just brush up, get some solid trustworthy feedback and consistency, and DO IT.

If you are NOT ready to walk into that audition room - yet - then WAIT.  And get to WORK on your craft and the details that need to be in place FIRST.  You'll be more prepared, more polished, and more professional - and people can take you seriously.

If you walk in unprepared, this follows you.  Our business is too small.  You don't need to be labelled "not ready" because that will follow you.

Simply BE READY.  Do the work.  The rewards come to those who are willing to do the work, and who are simply prepared.

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