Monday, July 4, 2011

Where Angels Fear to Tread

I have always believed in angels but after a near fatal car accident on June 20th not only do I believe but I believe they have no fear!

My husband and I survived a horrific crash hit from behind by an 18 wheeler and thrown into and under another semi. The photos of what was left of the car are chilling. Thomas was released after a night in the trauma unit. Nothing broken.

I was in trauma unit for a week and am currently in an acute rehab hospital. I have multiple breaks, and have had several surgeries. But I am alive and will heal in time. Rehab will need patience and focus and time. As I only have the use of a couple of fingers on my left hand (and of course am right handed) I won't be blogging with the regularity.

I breathe and know I am alive and not done yet! There is more to do once the body is able.

Patience. One moment at a time.

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, prayer, thoughts, vibes, and support and cannot tell you how much YOUR spirits mean to me.

Just know if I disappear from the blog for a minute, I am not too far away and will return. I have more to learn and more to share!

Believe in you. You matter. And you dear readers truly matter to me.


  1. I am so so so happy to see a blog post from you!! You have been through so much, but rehab can work miracles, and you are a fighter.

    Still sending healing thoughts and prayers.

  2. 20 years ago I broke an ankle so badly that, according to my doctor, I almost lost my foot. Weeks of rehab. I worked like a dog. Once even swore absolutely lethal words to my wonderful therapist! He wouldn't let me out until I could walk with no sign of a limp. I know absolutely I would be in a wheelchair today if it had not been for him -- and intense and dedicated work on my part. What happened to you is far far worse than what happened to me and you are going to need all the toughness you can muster. You CAN do it, especially if you take time to grin with each new tiny triumph. And maybe swear occasionally at your therapist!

  3. Susan. You are a miracle. Ella and I love you are praying for you and Thomas daily. Keep your spirits up even during the dark means that the light is just around the corner.

  4. You don't know me. My name is John Pinner. I have enjoyed your posts on NFCS for a long time. I was shocked to hear of your horrific accident. My thoughts are with you. You have a lot of people like me who are pulling for you. Just remember that there is a lot of joy following the pain of rehab.

  5. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I believe in your spirit and your ability to pull through this. The two-fingered typing is the "sign" that all will be well.

  6. With your excellent discipline and training as a singer and voice teacher, you are no stranger to the concepts of "patience, focus, and time". You will probably heal sooner than most would in your situation. All good wishes for a speedy recovery from your followers in England.

  7. Seconding John. You've got a lot of us pulling for you!

    Re rehab: YOU be one to decide what is a "good enough" recovery. Don't let someone else decide that for you. Not everyone is looking for excellence, you are. And we're glad of it!


  8. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to take the time to read and comment with your support! Each day I am stronger and more resolved. I will be well, and am learning it is okay to just be where I am.

  9. Hi, Susan. Since we don't know each other personally I didn't want to jump in with well-wishes that might have seemed insincere. But I have thought of you often since hearing about this horrible accident and seeing the news photo someone posted in one of the forums. Speedy recovery, lady. Patricia Shanks sending you lots of positive thoughts from out here in left field.