Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do you know what you want?

What do you want?

What do you need to DO to get what you want?

Sometimes we think we know what we want, but we don't understand what it truly means to get there.  We often dream about a finished product, not recognizing the journey that leads and that path we must walk.

So, nobody is listening, nobody is watching, nobody is judging: what do you want?

Write it down.  Be bold.  Dream a little.

Now, what do you DO to get there?  To get the POSSIBILITY to get there?

The dream may feel intangible, but the I assure you, the journey is not.  The journey is tangible, frustrating, exhilarating, confusing, rejuvenating, inspiring and MORE!

We, as artists, as performers, as entertainers,  do not have a direct path.  Each path is uniquely ours.  Each path leads to a very unique and individualized goal that may be shared or not.  We do not have a logical chain of reaction and logical and pre-determined outcome.  Unlike becoming a doctor, or a lawyer or something that has a tangible "end",  we simply do not have a path that works that way.

Our responsibility to ourselves is to believe in the dream,  but quit day-dreaming.  Our responsibility is to pursue the dream into reality by DOING it.

If you want to be a singer - you need to sing.  You need to study.  You need to find your voice, literally and figuratively.  You need to discover what you want to sing, where you want to sing, why you want to sing.  You need to put into ACTION what it takes to DO those things to the best of your ability.

You need to recognize what your goals truly are; What your dreams reveal about your development as a human being, as an artist.  Our goals and dreams change and morph and develop, as we develop and grow.  Dreams can often be shallow or immature,  only because we do not have the life vocabulary nor the craft development and understanding to know any different.

As our craft grows, as our artistic voice and spirit discovers, so do our dreams develop height, depth and breadth.  Our dreams begin to reveal a reality we may not have seen before.

Dare to dream.  However, that is simply the first step.  Dare to discover what that dream reveals about YOU and where you are.  Dare to be real to discover what you need pursue to discover the reality of MORE dreams. 

The pursuit of truth is part of the artistic pulse.  We simply cannot exist without it.  If your dream seems to be in one direction and your life seems elsewhere,  marvel at where you ARE.  You are there for a reason.  Do not abandon it, or dismiss it without examining it closely.  You are there to learn something in order to move through it.  These are probably some of the most difficult growing pains we go through.  Wanting, wishing, waiting and forgetting to BE where we are.

I am just as guilty of this as you are.

The complexity of discovering what to DO to pursue and what to DO to be where you are is the ongoing reality of an artistic spirit and the journey to the dream.

Discover what you want.  Discover what you need to get there.  Put into action what you need to do in order to facilitate that movement.  Recognize where you are.  Explore why you are there.  Embrace that present.  BE present.  Learn, acknowledge and never dismiss BEING.

As we claim our present, the illumination of self reveals we are precisely where we need to be.  Each step toward, becomes a state of being NOW. 

Want, live and cherish your NOW.  Give it a purpose as you discover your next.  Dreams then develop reason.  Reason then develops clarity, and the path reveals itself. 

Seize the opportunity of YOU.  The dream simply resides there first. You are tangible. 

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