Sunday, August 5, 2012

Will you be the one and only?

Sunday evening musings...

We often complain that the business wants to put us in a box, in a type, in a fach, in a category and we are constantly fighting against that.

However, what are we actually DOING about it?

One of my singers wrote in her blog this week about the difference between being "the best" and being the first and only "you".

That resonated with me.  We are all not "the best";  those artists that have created their own "type" that others compare to are their first and only.  No matter what you do, you will never be them.  You will always be a "type" and never quite be enough.

So, does one DARE quit complaining and actually defy box/type/category and work to be the one and only SELF? The one and only YOU?

Daunting a little isn't it? 

You can't enter a room with "I am a Bernadette Peters type"  or "I am a baby spinto soubrette heldendramatic lyric coloratura"(!!!).   You have to look in the mirror and ask "Who am I?"

Instead of trying to fit a mold that you simply cannot and will not fit,  what happens if you try to create your own?  Why not be the first?

When you read that, how do you react?  The reaction will speak volumes.  Does it liberate you? Does it allow you to breathe?  Does it give you pause and then make you smile?  Does it give you energy and motivation?

Or does it make your breath catch?  Are there excuses or "yeah, but..." immediately ready? 

Ah my dear snowflakes (thank you Lewis Black),  time to sit still and look in the mirror.

We all can't be the best.  Whatever that actually means.  There is always going to be someone who does it better.  If we continue to compare,  we will always fall short.  Always.  Not to mention,  we will always be looking over to see how we measure up and lose the focus, stumble, fall, get confused et al.

Let others measure or compare.  That is what they do or how they calculate. 

You simply cannot.  Your job is to become your one and only.  Your first. The first and the best YOU.  You cannot do that with excuses, with compensations, with delusions, with excuses.  You will never be the best,  and never find out what is the first/best you.

So,  are you ready to create more obstacles and blame it elsewhere, or are you ready to sit down or stand in front of that mirror and see what makes YOU your one and only?  What makes you the FIRST?

Will the business pay attention to a "first"?  Why not dare to work at it and see?

Time to discover,  time to develop,  time to be open to explore,  and time to CLAIM THE FIRST!  THE ONLY!  THE YOU!  You don't need to be a cookie cutter replica.  That is a decision you need to make. 

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  1. One of my mentors here shares a story about when he was living in NYC and had a Roommate on Broadway.
    He asked why he was going in for show after show and not getting any call backs like he used to. His roommate said "What if they really want chicken noodle soup but you are clearly not chicken noodle soup you are tomato soup?!"

    His Reply "Don't go in... or try to be as much like chicken noodle as I can?..."

    Roommate "NO!!!!!! You be the absolute best tomato soup you could ever be and show them how great tomato soup is!!!!"

    That story has always resonated with me. I think I am a Spicy Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque!