Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello Fall!

My favorite time of year!

Guess what?  You have CHOICES.  Yes, yes you do!

Quit whining or making excuses (also choices) and DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING!

What are you committed to?  An idea?  A possibility? Great - then DO SOMETHING!  The only way that idea or possibility happens into a tangible reality is if YOU do something to pursue it.

Are you simply dreaming?

Simply delusional?

Simply blaming others or the business?

Simply making excuses?

Simply obsessing or fixating?

Simply making yourself a victim?

You have a choice.  Simple. Make it.

You can choose to stay in bed, or get up and get to that audition call.

You can choose to stay with a teacher or coach that is not offering you what you need, or you can start finding people who can inspire you and lead you more fully.

You can be told you need more training in a certain area - and CHOOSE to ignore it, make excuses for it, or CHOOSE TO GO AFTER IT!

Stubborn is one thing;  resistant is another.

Often the reason is fear.  Fear of failure,  fear of the unknown,  plain old fear.  You can choose that too. You can choose to stay crippled and excuse-ridden by fear,  or choose to say "I am scared out of my mind and jumping in anyway!"

Create a blueprint.  Know it can be altered as needed.  That's the beauty of choice:  if one direction isn't working,  you can make another choice!

Know what you NEED to serve that blueprint.  Get the information to begin exploring the possibility of those choices.

Recognize the work and commitment needed for those choices.

Dare to remove the obstacles:  like the words "but" or "can't" or whatever else is your fallback excuse.

Don't try to do everything at once!  Take your time!!! (yes you have that - no matter what anybody says!)

Choose to focus.

Choose to discover what you have.

Choose to be real with what you need.

Choose to create a plan to allow you space to develop what you need.

Choose to release the people in life that do not respect your choices.

Choose to find the people who can respect your focus.

Choose to find the people who can be honest and real with you to achieve the goals that are realistic for you NOW.

Everything you do is a choice - and indeed, a consequence of that choice.  You are responsible for both.  If a choice doesn't give you a desired consequence,  learn why and make another choice!

Don't wait for someone else to make the choice for you - take the reins and GO!

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