Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Voice in Different Genres!

shameless self promotion - well it IS my blog...

First, I am actually REALLY writing my book.  Whew. About time huh?

So that's why I am not making as many entries here.

Second,  one of the many ways I use my voice is for narrating audiobooks.  I am passionate about - it allows me to draw on my dramatic and acting training even further and create a narrative that I hope keeps the listener engaged and entertained!

I have a number of books via www.audible.com

My narration "page" is located HERE.

My newest release is Lorraine Kennedy's MOON DANCE: WOLVES OF OUTERLANDS Volumes 1 - 4

I am given several codes that will access the book for free and I would love to offer these codes to you my readers.

All I ask in return is that you review the book on audible for me!

Leave me a comment below about why you love audiobooks or the IDEA of audiobooks and I will send you a code to listen to my newest narration!

Or if you would rather, message me via email at susaneichhornstudio@gmail.com with "AUDIOBOOK" in the subject line.

Codes are limited so let me know!

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