Sunday, May 17, 2009

What we could learn from Anna Wintour

Just watched the interview with VOGUE editor, Anna Wintour (think The Devil Wears Prada ie: Meryl Streep) on 60 minutes.  

Here is a strong woman who holds her industry to a standard, who learned about the business from her father and instead of being called a monumental business woman, is referred to as a "bitch."  (another blog!)

But here was the quote I wanted to focus on: "Mediocrity bores me. Actually it angers me."

Our businesses - be it music theatre or opera - could learn something from the fashion industry and the formidable Ms. Wintour.

What if we allowed mediocrity to bore us? And thus, DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!  Why must we be satisfied with the lowest common denominator? Why can't we strive for something larger than ourselves, and present artists and productions that dare to elevate the art, instead of just make people comfortable?

Why in this economic time is the fashion industry still thriving - and we are not?
We do not have to believe in the aesthetic in what the fashion industry represents, but we could learn from the the stubbornness of STANDARD there.

When opera or music theatre talks about standards, I see alot of fabulous artists not working and alot of mediocre players up on the boards. Not all, but definitely enough to speak of.

Why must we play "safe" so much of the time? Why can we not DARE to be inspired? take risks? think outside the box?!??!?! Isn't that what theatre and art is for godssake?!?!?!

So I agree completely with Ms. Wintour, woman of standards who apologizes for NOTHING.  I am bored and angered and saddened by mediocrity.  And frankly, disgusted by it.

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  1. Wonderful blog! This is one of the reasons I left a certain "entertainment" organization . I wanted to see the organization raise the bar instead of accepting & praising mediocrity. Let's do lunch one day and discuss this! I also saw the wonderful profile on 60 Minutes last night.
    Richard Skipper (Now a follower of yours)