Saturday, May 23, 2009

are you really READY to audition for Music Theatre?

Good's quiet and a little dull and not so warm today...I kind of like this weather...

So I muse with coffee beside me (!) about this "audition thing" a little further...

This is not a question I would address in the opera world, because the culture wouldn't allow for you NOT to be ready on some level.

But I really must address it in the music theatre culture because I see it from so many sides of the table...

Are you really ready to audition for music theatre? and what does that mean? seriously?

I am not going to give you the answers - I am not giving THAT away! I give workshops for that! However, I want to ask the questions, which I believe are real. Some of you will laugh as you read, but believe me, I am asking the questions because I have SEEN THE REALITY of the answers, as many of you have. 

First and foremost, music theatre is not easy. It is a discipline that requires a level of perseverance, physical and emotional aptitude, athleticism, dedication and some talent would be lovely.  Some developed talent would also be lovely.

So my first question is this: do you study? voice? acting? dancing? movement?  And I mean, CURRENTLY!!! Not back in summer camp, or gym class, or music class...who are you working with NOW? Who are the people around you that help you build your craft and keep you fresh and focused in the athleticism of your instrument? And my answer to THIS one is: YOU BETTER!!!! If I don't see you continuing your studies in some form, then in all honesty, I cannot take you seriously as a performer.  

2nd question is: Do you have a resume and a headshot? yes, I asked it. I asked it, because I have to.  I don't care if you are auditioning for community theatre, off-off-off Broadway to Broadway to regional theatre YOU NEED A RESUME AND A HEADSHOT.

3rd question is: What's in your book? and if you have to ask what a book is...

4th question is: Do you know your type? And how you project that?

5th - Do you know how to take a room during an audition process?

6th - Do you know the difference between assertive and aggressive in an audition situation?

7th  - if you book this job, can you fulfill it? Do you have the craft to build a character? Do you have the athleticism vocally and physically to comfortably do 8 shows a week? 

If you aren't sure...perhaps best to step out of the line and find those classes that will give you the answers and allow you time to practice them.  Find the teachers and coaches who will invest in you with the same amount of conviction as you are willing to invest in yourself.

Ironically, many of you reading who know the answers - and at least have a sense of the answers will say to yourselves it's time to brush up and go do another class or workshop or take a voice lesson more regularly again and another dance class...which makes you the people we WANT to see at that audition. 

So find ways to be truly ready to audition.  This is just the beginning in this process called auditioning, but the beginning is based on foundation and development, not just on a desire to be on stage.

Even though during these economic times, things are tough for theatre - things are ALWAYS tough for theatre and yet, theatre survives.  If you aren't ready yet, trust me, when you are ready there will be something to audition for.  You aren't running out of time to audition - you just might be wasting time now if you aren't building some craft. Quit wasting time and know then, you will HAVE the time to do those auditions! WHEN you are ready!!

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