Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ongoing CD Observations

Sunday musings...

From two Casting Directors I respect:

First, I am following up the Audition Privacy and Twittergate Issues of last week! Paul Russell named names and called for accountability from his position as CD. Here's his final blog on the subject: Thanks Paul!

With her permission, here is CD Joy Dewing's LETTER TO ACTORS she posted on her facebook account: (Thanks Joy!)

An open letter to anyone who has ever or will ever audition in my presence:

I have been watching the Daryl Eisenberg Twitter scandal unfold over the last few days with a combination of disgust, incredulity, outrage, and utter contempt for a person who would violate the tenuous thread of trust between actor and casting director and the sanctity of the audition room. I could go on for pages on this topic, but it’s been well-covered and most of the points I would make have been made in depth on sites such as and, as well as right here on the FacĂ©. I read her apology, which smacks to me of ass-covering insincerity; maybe someday I’ll forgive her, but right now I’m pissed and I just don’t fucking buy it. Anyway, here’s the message I want to share with you all:


1. I respect you. Yes, sometimes you screw up. Sometimes your headshot doesn’t look like you, sometimes you pick the wrong material, sometimes you make questionable fashion choices, sometimes you do things that I don’t agree with. But you work your ass off, you never give up, and you throw your heart at me every time you walk into the room.

2. I am a human being. Sometimes I am not as polite as I should be, sometimes I get exhausted, sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I get bored. But I am also a professional, so no matter how I feel, my job is to pay attention to you and create an environment in which you can feel safe to do your work in front of me and my team.

3. It is in our mutual interest for you to give the best possible performance in your audition.


1. I will never Tweet, Facebook, text, email, or publicly comment about you or your audition to anyone not involved with casting the show for which you gave said audition.

2. I must, on occasion, use my laptop or cell phone to email, IM, or text during audition sessions – for example, to IM callback information to my assistant so that he or she may provide you/your agent with the necessary information in a timely manner; HOWEVER, I will NOT do this while you are auditioning.

3. I will always endeavor to create and foster a positive, nurturing, safe environment in which you feel secure to do your work. I ask that if you ever feel that I have failed in this endeavor or violated your trust in any way, you contact me directly and let me know, so that I may have an opportunity to correct this infraction.

My fondest wish for both of us is that you continue to inspire me, as you always have; and that I continue to be the kind of casting director that you are excited to see when you wake up in the morning. Thanks for your time & attention.

With Love and Sincerity,
Joy Dewing
edited to add this link:

from a dear colleague Vincent Gerrard

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