Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Letter to Undergrads and Grad School Singers PART 2

Dear Singers,

This is my second letter to you.

Is this you?

You the singer and developing artist who realizes nothing is handed to you, who realizes and is willing to do the work to at least get a chance?

I want to acknowledge you!

Yes my part 1 letter was harsh. But it was necessary!! By the number of requests to print it and post it on the studio door from all over the world sadly proves that there are many singers that don't get it.

To you young singers who DO get it and work hard for it - I am thrilled you are out there!

Artistry is not something to expect or something you can buy. Being an artist requires time, dedication, and work and determination!

To you young singers who recognize this and go after it - we welcome you!!

Those of us who go before you want to help you, nurture you, encourage you, mentor you.

Why? Because you do not expect to be spoon fed! You expect to work hard!

Whether you get a scholarship because you earned it, or have to take out loans, or carry 2 part-time jobs - you understand the true meaning of value.  Worth.  Cost and sacrifice of worth.

The value of learning, the value of pursuit of excellence, the value of asking questions and the quest for knowledge and being better than your previous self!

You walk in with respect for the process. You walk in pliable, willing to learn, knowing you don't know everything.

Your expectation begins with self. You require no motivation but self. You do not take energy but learn to share energy with your teachers and coaches and pianists in order to develop true relationships of collaborative learning.

You aren't afraid to ask questions. You get respect because you give it. You know the difference between expectation and entitlement. You know what real work could afford you!

You pay attention. You are an example. You make a place for yourself that is real.

Your expecation is to be in this for the long haul - and know you need to earn your place in the business.

You are  accessible, determined and clearly motivated!

You stand up for the truth. You question what is false. You commit to your journey and all the twists and turns along the way.

Yes, you will have hard days: yes, there will be days you wonder why; yes, some of your peers may drive you nuts and give a bad reputation to the singer; But YOU dear singer have the power to rise above that and learn and share and grow and be a human being that is a beacon of hope and reality in this business of singing.

You will be an example to follow; you will be a leader by example.

Your actions and how you choose to treat your craft, your discipline and the relationships you forge in the process will proceed you and make you the developing artist people want to be around!

Do not get discouraged for long! YOU make a bigger difference than you may ever truly understand! And, at the end of the day - who stands is the one who has truth to share.

Know that can be you.

Sing because you WANT it and because you MEAN it.

We will want to hear YOU!

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