Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Waiting for my "A-ha!" Moment!

Wednesday musings...

I heard this statement this week and nearly choked on my coffee...

Why?  Because it was sincere in a very lost sort of way.  Sad really.

There are so many things wrong with this statement and this thinking.

First, you don't wait - you DO.

A statement like this shows a level of lack of awareness and reality.

The "a-ha" happens while one discovers.   Discovery happens by doing.  Doing requires work and dedication and self-awareness and passion and dedication.

Sometimes the "a-ha" hits you at a time when you are resting FROM doing.  The settling point, the still point.

It is NOT from the lazy point!!! It is NOT from the "I don't work on my craft/my technique/my voice/my artistry" point.

Perhaps your "a-ha" moment should be strong kick in the ass!

True "a-ha" moments are based on KNOWLEDGE and connecting the dots because you have dots to connect!!

The truth only sets you free, when you discover what the truth IS!!!!

I am amazed at the laziness and entitled nature of so many who call themselves "emerging artists".  Again I say, if everybody is an artist then nobody is.

Waiting for your "a-ha" moment and doing NOTHING to build your craft, is useless.  It is a futile exercise that is doing nothing but masking the truth from yourself!!!!

"A-ha" comes from DISCOVERING SELF!!!!  It is the WORK ITSELF that uncovers the "a-ha"!

"Waiting" defeats the purpose of this moment.  "Waiting" is passive.  Artistry is NOT passive.  Artistry is not pretend.  Artistry is DEFINING and DISCOVERING and FRUSTRATING and EXHILARATING!!!!

The "a-ha" often hits at times you least expect it! Not because you are waiting for it - but precisely because you are NOT!!!!

This is why it is an "a-ha"!  It is that unexpected, delightful and sudden sight of what has been there and not seen til now.

You cannot see what you do not nurture, or discover.  You cannot claim what you do not own.  You cannot own what you haven't earned and worked for.

So, leave the pretend aside.  Quit hiding.  Quit the entitled and "poor me" syndrome.

"A-HA"  is ACTIVE!!!!  If you wait for it, you'll never see it.

ONLY YOU are responsible for that active willingness to discover YOU.

And if you choose not to be responsible to find it - you are responsible for that too.

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