Sunday, November 24, 2013

Patience, Grasshopper...

Sunday Musings...

As we prepare for American Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season,  I am reminded of patience and preparedness.

In our instant society, where we can sit at our keyboard or ipad and with a click "BUY NOW" - acquiring "stuff" is beyond easy.

However,  the pursuit of craft and physical behavior of technique,  knowledge and claiming that knowledge into a working, living, breathing entity still has to be done the old-fashioned way:  time, patience, practice,  tenacity,  focus.

I love the opposition of our craft versus the world.  It begins to separate the truth from the fakers.  Those that want it NOW and try to accumulate their craft "stuff" like buying a product on the internet,  or calling their technique "tricks",  might make a momentary splash, and then quickly disappear.

If you want "it" - you gotta find it the same way we have been doing it forever:  knowing what you are pursuing,  knowing how to achieve it,  knowing how to find it in YOUR voice.

Let go of the "instant fix" or "trick".  It isn't real. 

Let go of the "fame" and "celebrity".  It only looks exciting from the outside.  Anyone who has it will tell you it is not what it appears to be.

Get real with what you want.  Get real with what you got.  Get real with how those two come together and what you can discover when they join forces!!!

You will never discover your TRUE authenticity until you pursue YOUR voice and YOUR craft.

Tricks,  mimicking,  wishing, hoping...never work.

WORK works.  You cannot evaluate what you do not know.  This is why it is crucial that you work with someone or several someones (teacher, coaches...) that will help you discover WHAT, HOW, WHY and simply, YOU.

Yes, I know it would be great to have it NOW.

But would it? 

We never appreciate it fully if it comes too easily.

Your voice is too unique and too precious to be loaded with tricks and quick-fixes that never are reliable.  You need to WANT to develop it.  WANT to study.  WANT to discover.

Patience.  Practice.  Perseverance.  Tenacity.  Determination.  Absolute PIG HEADED-NESS!

Do not let ANYBODY tell you they have the "fix".  As bright and as shiny as it may look,  you have to see it for what it is.

Behavior takes time.  Diligence.  PRACTICE.  DISCOVERY.

Craft and technique is a path worth exploring.  What you discover and uncover will be real.  Sometimes frustrating yes,  but real nonetheless.

Patience, Grasshopper.  One step at a time.

The more you claim that journey,  the more real it becomes.

Leave the tricks and the one-size-fits-all to those that simply do not know,  and choose not to.

You want real?  BE it. Every step of the way.

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