Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Celebrations - Susan is Singing!

Yes there was a blog entry today - please go to it below!

For those of you in New York City this week, if you are free and want to experience a little cabaret...

I will be singing at WEDNESDAY CABARET at THE IGUANA 8 p.m. Wednesday December 16th.

Hosted by the impeccable Dana Lorge and Richard Skipper, this is a warm and inviting evening of song and fun! Please click on Richard's name to get to his website to find out more details for reservations et al.

I will be performing some Kurt Weill and some Kander & Ebb...

Hope to post a few pictures - so bring your cameras!!!

Now, back to the blogging!!!


  1. Good luck! I remember reading a post of yours not too long ago about audition fees and as I'm searching for competitions right now, I found one that actually returns your money if they do not chose you to continue to the next round! I thought of your post and just wanted to share. is the website.

  2. Thanks Myndie - on all accounts! How great to know there are competitions that respect the artist this way and recognize the sacrifice and the commitment. I appreciate you pointing it out!

  3. Photo with Richard Skipper - post-performance!!!

  4. Photo with Dana Lorge, Donnell Adler and Arianna Armon!