Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sing Cause you WANNA SING!

Sunday musings...

Business shmisiness...


We do our job - we sing! We audition, we prepare our 16 bar cuts, we prepare our 5 arias, we go into our job interviews to get the job....

But WHY do we sing?

Often we can lose sight of why we sing, or even DO we sing?

As I think back over the last year, and begin to contemplate what 2010 will hold, I am going to be pro-active.

I am going to sing cause I WANT TO! I am not going to wait for an opportunity, but rather, create one that is uniquely mine to sing what I want and why I want to.

As artists, we build craft; as artists in the business we are looking for working venues and vehicles to create a living.

But sing cause we want to? What we want to?

We need to find these moments!!! Embrace them and create them!!

Sing cause you wanna sing!!!! Don't wait for somebody to create a moment for you! YOU create that moment!!! It doesn't have to have anything to do with business - JUST SING!

We work so hard at finding our fach, our type, and developing repertoire, and cuts to show the business we are what they are looking now - what about YOU? What will make you feel satisfied JUST TO SING?

Yes, this can be a public performance, but this can be a private situation too! Sing cause you can and sing cause you want to - not because you have to!

Sing what you want and create a moment for yourself. Learn the aria because you CAN. Learn the song, the theatre piece, because you CAN and because you WANT TO!

Artistry is also about self-fulfillment. Journey also has to do with YOU. What gives you a sense of self?

It sounds so simple and yet, we forget how fulfilling JUST SINGING for no reason other than SINGING is!!

So give yourself permission to forget the business and the pressure of work and once in a while JUST SING. Don't try to get the job with that aria; put down the 16 bar cut and find a FULL SONG you LOVE and SING IT! Sing the aria because you WANT to, not cause you have to...

The musical, artistic and physical satisfaction - that is so good for our souls - is about what singing gives us as artists. Don't forget to nurture that too. It is so easy to forget this part of our artistic soul, and yet, if we forget WHY we sing, and what gives us the greatest joy - then we have lost our way a little.

Doesn't it just feel good to sing???? Just to breathe and get athletic with our bodies, and make noise and commit to it? And doesn't it feel wonderful JUST to sing and not worry about job/impression/business - and just wrap ourselves in the vibration we create?

So sing - cause you WANNA not cause you have to! Once in a while, remind yourself, feed yourself, and wrap yourself in why you do what you do...for YOURSELF.

Whether you create a public venue for yourself or whether you just allow yourself the pure delight of singing through something you love in your living room, or wherever it may be...

JUST SING once in a while...I plan on it too! The business isn't going anywhere. Take your voice and let it sing when you NEED to and when you WANT to. Walk back into the business when you know what it feels like to do what you do.

Know why you sing. Claim that everyday. Breathe it in and make some noise!!!

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